1.Do you have a physical store?

We specialize in an online store for parallel imported cameras and photography equipment. Our primary delivery methods are SF Express delivery or in-person pick-up. Pick-up simply means that we hand over the goods to you face-to-face and take cash in return at Prudential Tower, where our administrative office is located, similar to a physical store. Generally, as there is no need to cover the cost of renting a street-side storefront, it allows us to offer consumers more affordable prices.

After you place an order, we will send you "pick-up instructions" that will clearly guide you through the transaction.


2.How is after-sales service guaranteed?

You can send the purchased items to Prudential Tower. Once the repairs are complete, we will notify you for pick-up, similar to how a physical store normally does.

 Furthermore, for consumers who are traveling or residing in mainland China, to ensure the realization of their actual warranty rights and uphold our tagline "With You to Capture Our Beautiful World," we hope to be together with you during your usage of the camera. When you need after-sales service, you can ship the product back to our after-sales center in Shenzhen, eliminating the need for you to come to Hong Kong twice for warranty purposes—one for sending and another for picking up after repairs.


3.What is the detailed address of the after-sales support center in mainland China?

The after-sales support center in mainland China is located at Jinfengcheng Building, SHENZHEN. As this location is not a retail store for sales, it is only used for Shenzhen company address registration, administrative, and financial affairs and does not receive external visitors. When applying for warranty service, we will provide you with the address for shipping the product.




线下自取是在办公室楼下当面交收付现,与实体店交易方式并无不同。 一般来讲,由于无需支付实体店铺租金,可以最大程度让消费者获得实惠。