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Kodak i60 35mm Film Camera with Pop-Up Flash (Bud Green)

Kodak i60 35mm Film Camera with Pop-Up Flash (Bud Green)

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The Kodak i60 Reusable 35mm Film Camera has a modern look based on the vintage design derived from the KODAK INSTAMATIC 100, which was the first model released in the United States in 1963. The i60 has a fixed focus lens, manual film winding and rewinding, built-in pop-up flash and uses 35mm film.

This Kodak i60 Reusable 35mm Film Camera is ready out of the box with everything you need to tell your story, making it easier for you to get every shot right thanks to its sharper f/10 lens and built-in pop-up flash that ensures every scene is lit consistently. Owing to its relatively wide field of view, the 31mm captures as much of the world around you as possible, while its f/10 aperture keeps everything in focus. This reusable camera, equipped with an optical viewfinder, features a compact, lightweight design that lets you take it with you everywhere, and uses widely available 35mm film.

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