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Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5 Lens

Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5 Lens

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  • Versatile Close-Up Lens: The Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm f/2.5 Lens is a high-quality close-up lens with a 1:2 reproduction scale and telephoto capabilities, suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Exceptional Image Performance: This lens delivers consistent high image performance, even at full aperture settings, with minimal vignetting, distortion, and chromatic aberrations, reducing the need for post-processing corrections.

  • Precision Autofocus: Equipped with a Leica-designed microprocessor, the lens offers precise autofocus and iris diaphragm control, while allowing manual override with its focus ring.

  • Superior Build Quality: Crafted with special grades of glass and aspherical surfaces, the lens is meticulously manufactured to narrow tolerances, ensuring superior optical quality and performance.

  • S-Bayonet Mount: The S-bayonet mount enables rapid and precise data exchange between the camera and lens for seamless digital integration.

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