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Leica APO-Summicron-SL 28mm f/2 ASPH Lens

Leica APO-Summicron-SL 28mm f/2 ASPH Lens

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  • Versatile Wide-Angle Prime: A 28mm f/2 lens designed for full-frame L-mount mirrorless cameras, suitable for everyday shooting, landscapes, and architecture.

  • Fast and Reliable Autofocus: Dual Synchro Drive AF motor delivers quick and quiet autofocus performance for both photos and videos.

  • Edge-to-Edge Sharpness: The 28mm focal length provides edge-to-edge sharpness without distortion, and it can focus as close as 9.4 inches.

  • Creative Control: With a wide f/2 aperture, it allows subject-background separation while maintaining sharpness, enabling creative possibilities.

  • Optical Quality: Multi-layer coatings reduce reflections, flare, and ghosting for enhanced contrast and color accuracy.

  • Weather-Sealed Build: Dust and moisture resistance, along with an AquaDura coating, ensures durability in various conditions.

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